The Faith Of True/真實的信念

There are various kinds of skin care products available in the market; some are fashion in packing, some are low in price, some have exaggerate advertisement.

But as a woman, it is difficult to pick the right products to take care of herself.

Lucy comes from Latin, meaning the person that bring (Bringer of light), also represents the wisdom and confident of woman.

We insisted providing plain, effective, cost valuable, high quality ingredients. With no unnecessary additives maintenance program.

Lucy Stuff believes that everyone has the right to be beautiful, expensive, should not be the synonymous of beauty. Good skin care products should be affordable by everyone. Lucy Stuff has no fancy packaging, exaggerated advertising.

We select high-quality ingredients, focus on quality; consider developing effective and safe recipe proportion. Giving the price back to the people who support Lucy Stuff, so that you can find the product that suit you the most, in Lucy Stuff.



Lucy出自於拉丁語,意指帶來光明的人(Bringer of Light),也代表著充滿智慧與自信的女人。


Lucy Stuff相信人人該擁有變美的權利,昂貴,也不該是美麗的代名詞,好的保養品應該是人人都能負擔的起。Lucy Stuff沒有華麗的包裝,誇大的廣告,但我們嚴選優質成分,專注品質、研發有效安全的配方比例,再以實在的價格回饋給支持Lucy Stuff的愛用者。讓您能在Lucy Stuff的產品線中,輕鬆找到適合自己的產品。